Souvenir from the Ghost Pavilion



Souvenir from the Ghost Pavilion draws on the work of Japanese art group Jikken Kobo, the history of Expo 70 in Osaka and the Noh tradition to explore the death of desire in the context of economic downturn. Like the ghost of Noh theatre, an echo of a world past forced to inhabit the present, contemporary society is caught up in the logic of the commodity, but desire has been drained from its veins. Through film, performance and installation, the work addresses this undead state.

The project was commissioned by curator Sonoko Nakanishi for our solo exhibition (In)Visible Propaganda at Project Hospitale, Tottori and supported by the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs, Daiwa Anglo- Japanese Foundation, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, The University of Reading and the CASS School of Art