8.9.20 We haven't been so productive through lockdown, but we were asked by Journal of Visual Culture for our observations and commentary on the visual politics and related issues of the current crisis. There are some interesting contributions by a lot of good people in this project on the Harun Farocki Institute website, so do check them out too. Ours is here:

A Thousand Kitchen Tables


We also presented our filmThe Plague and Its Segmentations on the Hoax website. Watch it here:

The Plague and Its Segmentations

And we did this radio show, talking about affectless music for people who don't really like to dance:


Tune in to the Underground Institute Picks - Pil and Galia Kollectiv : Affectless

"We pick the artist - They pick the music" UI Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are tailored for selected underground radio stations. Pil and Galia Kollectiv play back to back songs that barely break a sweat and talk about affectlessness, work and the politics of being laconic. Pil and Galia Kollectiv are an artist duo, curators and lecturers on the intersection of art and politics. A while ago they had started the project WE, which transformed love songs into eerie and often morbid oddities by substituting the word "I" with "We". Enjoy this carefully selected collection of idiosyncratic Post-Punk and No Wave. This episode of UI Picks feat. The Better Beatles, Hybrid Kids, Suburban Lawns, Los Microwaves and more.



1.3.20 The EuroNoize record is finally here!

EuroNoize Record Launch

feat. live sets by Hassan K and Rising Damp | discussion panel with Agata Pyzik and Pil and Galia Kollectiv

Sunday 8.3.20
18:00 - 23:00
DiY Space for London

Last May, EuroNoize invited bands from across Europe to perform at an alternative music showcase modelled on the Eurovision Song Context. To launch the EuroNoize record, featuring all 11 entries from the event, curators Pil and Galia Kollectiv have invited Hassan K (France) and Rising Damp (a.k.a. Michelle Doyle, from Sissy, Ireland) to perform full sets at DiY Space for London. Preceding these will be a discussion between the musicians, the curators and writer Agata Pyzik about the meaning (and sound) of local identity in an age of transnational mobility.

18:00 - 20:00 Discussion Panel with Hassan K, Michelle Doyle, Agata Pyzik and Pil and Galia Kollectiv
20:30 Rising Damp
21:15 Hassan K
+ Eastern Bloc Songs DJ Set (Wayne Burrows)

Hassan K (France)

Hassan K is a mystical one man band from Persia. DIY artist, Keyvane (his real name) mixes folklore and technologies, occident and orient, surf music and bellydance, swing and heavy metal in crazy live acts, not too far from trance. With a guitar, a keyboard and a few sensors, he travels from the west kingdom to the Turan, spreading the words of his illuminated ancestors.

Rising Damp (Ireland)

Rising Damp is the performance act of visual artist, Michelle Doyle. Using cut up samples, field recordings, synths, drum machines and spoken word, she builds a practice spanning both punk and experimental electronic dance music. Doyle's approach to lyrics comes from art writing, with songs forming short form essays on Anti Fascism, the building of monoliths, critiques of innovation and knowledge learnt by doing, such as the building of a homemade motorbike. Taking a DIY, use the tools you have approach, she constructs these narratives over an improvised set. Doyle does not distinguish between visual and sonic outputs in her practice, both are the same and use the same research. She performs in galleries, at punk gigs and online, over airwaves, often from her monthly slot on Dublin Digital Radio. She will release forthcoming album "Petrol Factory" on the 28th of March on tape.

* * *

Agata Pyzik is a journalist, critic, essayist, she writes on culture, art, aesthetics and politics in books and Polish and British press, including The Guardian, London Review of Books, The Wire, Frieze, Calvert Journal, Political Critique and many others. She's the author of Poor but Sexy. Culture Clashes in Europe East and West (Zero, 2014, Polish transl. W Podworku 2018), and is writing a monograph on English synthpop group Japan (forthcoming, Bloomsbury, 2021). Her interests include the cultures of really existing socialism countries and the period of cold war, capitalist transition in post-communist Eastern Europe and political uses of popculture. She lives in Warsaw.

Pil and Galia Kollectiv are London based artists, writers and curators working in collaboration. Their work explores the relationship between art and politics and addresses the legacy of modernism. They also run xero, kline & coma, an artist run project space and teach fine art at the University of Reading, at the Royal College of Art and at the CASS School of Art. They occasionally make what might be called music as UrBororo, and have been known to play in the band called WE.



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