Trash: A Twisted and Tasteless Event
Habamah Theatre, Jerusalem
6th, 8th April 2000, 20:00,
12th May 2000, 14:00

"A galaxy of fast-moving and colourful visual imagery exists constantly, almost imperceptibly, in supermarkets, animated television series for kids on TV, on record sleeves and in porn magazines. A collection of cheap and immediate signs originating in consumerism and our media saturated environment has accumulated on the perimeters of the twentieth century, the fast food leftovers of modern culture. Trash invites the public to an intergalactiv interdisciplinary ride to the outer limits of fine art and the fantastic plastic world that swallowed it. Featuring performance artists Anat Ben David and Tami Ben-Tor, painters Eli Petel, Yoav Ben-David and Adam Rabinowitz, electronic musicians Grundik and Slava, video artists Vadim Levin and Maria Pomianski and Pil and Galia Kollectiv, DJ Avi Pitchon, lectures by members of the Shenkin University of Present Studies and live shows by Munich-based techno-trash metal-disco-house monster Chicks on Speed, the last hope of the art and music world".

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